Kuzey City Planning & Consultancy Co. has always been a leader on project solutions and approaches about city planning and cartography sector with our own squad including expert city planners, cartographers, & consultant crew. After international companies' investments & domestic market's increasing demand over to Turkey, which became an important focal point of world trade lately, Kuzey City Planning & Consultancy Co. showed its professional experience and enhanced its filed of services on project development and real estate consultancy areas that many companies already needed.

Real Estate Studies & Project Consulting Services

  • Real Estate Investment Consultancy
  • Project Consultancy & Administration
  • Region & Zone Reports
  • Feasibility Works

Real Estate Evaluation Services

  • Residentials & Business Sites
  • Busines Centers & Plazas
  • Industrial Plants
  • Storage Areas
  • Malls & Shopping Centers
  • Public Housing Courts
  • Tourism Facilities
  • Cinema & Theater Stages
  • Fuel Stations
  • Building Plots & Terrains

About Evaluation

According to the declaration of Board of Capital Stock Market, dated 12/08/2001, about the elements of companies which are going to serve evaluation services as a part of Capital Stock Market regulations & about listing of these companies by the board;

Denotes the independent & even discretion of potential value of a real estate, a real estate's project or the equities & uses affiliated to a real estate, in-between a particular date.

Real Estate Evaluation Company
Denotes a service company, which is known as an expert valuation association and serves about the discretion of the potential value of a real estate, a real estate's project or the equities & uses affiliated to a real estate in-between a particular date, with analysing the real estate attributes and market & enviromental conditions by evaluation experts knowledgeable & experienced enough to report within the standards accepted internationally....

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